Ashley House Appointed to £225m Education Modular Buildings Framework

Fusion 21 Appointment

Ashley House plc is pleased to announce that it has been appointed to Fusion21’s national Education Modular Buildings Framework with four lots covering modular building hire and construction, worth up to £225 million across the framework over four years.

Ashley House, with its subsidiary F1 Modular Limited, has been appointed alongside five other businesses to Lot 2: ‘Modular Construction with a value of up to £750k’, available to be called off by Fusion21 members as projects arise.

Fusion21 members include local education authorities, academies, colleges and universities plus housing associations, NHS Trusts and blue light organisations.

By accessing the framework members will benefit from significant efficiency savings and social value, plus other advantages including early supplier engagement and transparency of costs.

Fusion21 members wishing to appoint Ashley House and its modular subsidiary F1 Modular for education purposes or wider public sector use can simply join Fusion21 at no initial cost and for no annual charge.

Antony Walters, Chief Executive of Ashley House plc commented: “We are delighted to have been appointed to Fusion21’s framework and look forward to working alongside our off-site construction subsidiary, F1 Modular and Fusion 21 to help provide much needed classrooms and other school facilities for the education se ctor, in addition to supporting demand for modular construction within the public sector”.