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We are focused on enabling the provision of better care

Our business is based on the principle of entrepreneurial partnership, allowing us to work with all stakeholders to deliver the facilities needed to stimulate better health and quality of life. In response to the current climate and public policy, we have been further strengthening our business with additional, customer-focused products and revenue streams.

“The momentum in Extra Care continues to build and we look to the future with increasing confidence”

Antony Walters, Chief Executive – Ashley House plc

Investor Information

Ashley House plc was established in 1991 and grew through specialising in the design and construction of new purpose built doctors surgeries and medical centres. In 2000 the Company’s shares were admitted to trading on Ofex. In September 2004, Ashley House Properties Ltd (“AH Properties”), was set up to purchase properties developed by Ashley House plc and other primary care facilities. The shares in AH Properties were stapled to those in Ashley House plc on a one for one basis and the shares traded in Units comprising one share in Ashley House plc and one share in AH Properties.

The de-stapling of the two companies share trading was announced on 14th December 2006 and with effect from 15 January 2007 when Ashley House plc was listed on AIM.

The Company’s shares are dual listed on the Social Stock Exchange segment of the NEX Exchange growth market with effect from 10 February 2016.

Share information Ashley House plc – AIM share price

Financial Calendar

Event Timing Recent/upcoming dates
Financial year Year end: 30 April
Half year: 31 October
Results published Full year preliminary results: July – October
Interim results: December – January
Preliminary results for the year ended 30 April 2018 were published on 16 August 2018.
Interim results for the half year ended 31 October 2017 were released on 31 January 2018.
Report and accounts published

Full year: July – October

Half year: December – January

Full year report and accounts for the year to 30 April 2018 were published and sent to shareholders on 20 September 2018.
Interim report for the half year ended 31 October 2017 was sent to shareholders on 28 March 2018.
AGM July – October Our 2018 AGM will be held on Wednesday 12 September 2018 at our High Wycombe office.


Joy Yarrow

Tel: 01628 600 340
Ashley House, Unit 1, Barnes Wallis Court
Wellington Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, HP12 3PS
Ashley House plc. Incorporated in England, Company No. 2563627

Shareholder Information

Major shareholders No. shares %
Total shares in issue 60,029,650
Lawshares Nominees Limited 8,650,000 14.41
Maureen Moy (wife of John Moy, former Non-executive Director) 6,000,000 10.00
Admenta Ltd (Lloyds Pharmacy) 5,493,827 9.15
Stephen Minion (Non-executive Deputy Chairman) 4,062,825 6.77
Jonathan Holmes (Commercial Director) 2,254,297 3.76
Mrs.G. Mosley (former director) 2,125,518 3.54
Directors total
(including S Minion’s and J Holmes’ holdings above) 7,636,582 12.72

Total shares not in public hands:

  • Pursuant to AIM rules 37.13%
  • Pursuant to NEX Exchange rules 46.28%

The Company’s shares are traded on AIM, a market operated by London Stock Exchange plc. The Company’s shares are dual listed on the Social Stock Exchange segment of the NEX Exchange growth market with effect from 10 February 2016.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of shares.

Site last updated 12 September 2018.

Information disclosed on this website is for the purposes of AIM Rule 26 and NEX Exchange Rule 75.

Total shares not in public hands.

  • Under AIM rules this includes directors’ holdings and other shareholdings who control 10% or more of the Company’s shares.
  • Under NEX Exchange rules this includes directors’ holdings and other shareholders who individually or who acting in concert control 5% or more of the Company’s shares.

Get to know the Board

Christopher Lyons
Christopher Lyons - Non-executive Chairman

Christopher holds a Masters degree in Strategic Financial Management and is a visiting fellow at Kingston and Durham Business Schools. His career spans over 35 years, first with Abbey National, where he held senior executive positions in personnel, finance and operations. He then joined the executive Board of Minster Trust Limited, a fully regulated banking institution leading the development and launch of an affinity based internet banking proposition. Christopher has extensive Non-executive experience, chairing the Board of London Strategic Housing and as deputy chairman of Network Housing Group where he also chaired the Audit and Risk Committee. Christopher has also worked with the NHS Commissioning Board establishing a national network of Commissioning Support Units and Clinical Commissioning Groups. He is currently a member of the advisory Board for the NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit. Christopher is Chairman of Ashley House’s Appointments Committee.

Stephen Minion
Stephen Minion - Non-executive Deputy Chairman

Stephen joined the Board in May 1995 and transitioned to Non-executive Deputy Chairman in May 2014. He is a chartered engineer with a long career in design and development of commercial property. Following the award of his degree in engineering he joined the London Borough of Harrow where he gained chartered engineer status. He moved to George Wimpey & Co and learnt his main “stock in trade” as a property developer before starting his own company in 1978 and co-founding Ashley House in 1991. Stephen chairs the Company’s Remuneration Committee and is Chairman of Partnering Health Limited.

Antony Walters
Antony Walters - Chief Executive

Antony has a BA in accounting and qualified as a chartered accountant in 1992. He gained an Executive MBA by evening study from Warwick University in 2004. He joined Ashley House in 2010 as Finance Director having held various senior executive positions within the Lloyds Pharmacy group, including leading the corporate acquisitions, property and development teams. Antony spent 15 months in a pan European strategic development role based in Germany for Lloyds’ parent company Celesio AG. Immediately prior to Ashley House, Antony was managing director of Sapphire Primary Care Developments Limited which Ashley House acquired from Lloyds Pharmacy in 2009. Antony was appointed Chief Executive in October 2014. Antony is Chairman of F1 Modular Limited.

Jonathan Holmes
Jonathan Holmes - Commercial Director

Jonathan joined Ashley House in 1998, becoming a director in 1999. Prior to Ashley House Jonathan worked in sales and marketing with an emphasis on setting up new ventures. Jonathan was Chief Executive of Ashley House until October 2014 when he became Commercial Director to allow him to focus on the Ashley House team’s successful delivery of projects, from the earliest engagements with wider stakeholders through to the commercial structuring, development and building out of the projects that result. Jonathan leads the Morgan Ashley joint venture and as well as managing the delivery arm of the Group is also responsible for new business.

James Hathaway
James Hathaway - Finance Director

After graduating from Cardiff University in 1999, James qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2002. James began his career with Tenon, firstly in audit and latterly business consultancy, before moving to the Japanese IT company Fujitsu in 2003. At Fujitsu he performed a number of senior finance roles, including leading the finance team on a 10 year £1bn IT programme, managing the integration of a £150m business following acquisition, and implementing the transition to IFRS for the European region. James joined Ashley House in 2011 as Head of Finance before joining the Board as Finance Director in March 2018. James is also Ashley House’s Company Secretary.

Andrew Willetts
Andrew Willetts - Non-executive director

Andrew has a BA in history from Keble College, Oxford and qualified as a chartered accountant with what is now PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1991. He has held senior financial roles in the retail and wholesale sectors, including Waterstones and Hagemeyer (now part of the Rexel group). He joined Lloyds Pharmacy in 2003, becoming finance director in 2007. Between 2012 and January 2018 Andrew was Hospitals & Homecare Director of Celesio UK, part of the McKesson Group, responsible for the delivery of pharmacy services, clinical homecare and pharmaceutical supply to the NHS and other public and private sector organisations. Andrew is Chairman of Ashley House’s Audit & Risk Committee.


Christopher Lyons, Stephen Minion and Andrew Willetts are all members of the Remuneration Committee and Appointments Committee. Andrew Willetts, Christopher Lyons and Antony Walters are members of the Audit & Risk Committee.

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Appointments Committee

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October 2015 - Ashley House plc interim report - REPORT
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Corporate Governance

Governance Policy

Whilst the Company has not adopted a governance code, the Board supports the principles of good governance. The Group is committed to high standards of corporate governance and has adopted procedures to institute good governance insofar as they are practical and appropriate for a business of this size. The Board has an Audit & Risk Committee, an Appointments Committee and a Remuneration Committee, in each case comprising a majority of Non-executive directors and chaired by a Non-executive director.

Board Effectiveness

The Group supports the concept of an effective Board leading and controlling the Group. The Board is responsible for approving Group policy and strategy. It meets regularly and has a schedule of matters specifically reserved to it for decision. Management supplies the Board with appropriate and timely information and the directors are free to seek any further information that they consider necessary. All directors have access to advice from the Company Secretary and independent professionals at the Group’s expense. The Chairman and members of the three Committees are as follows:

Audit & Risk Appointments Remuneration
Stephen Minion dot2 dot2 dot1
Christopher Lyons dot2 dot1 dot2
Andrew Willetts dot1 dot2 dot2

dot1 Chairman dot2 Committee member

Audit & Risk Committee

The primary responsibility of the Audit & Risk Committee is to provide confidence to shareholders by monitoring the financial affairs and risks of the Company and any subsidiary of the Company (together “the Group”) and ensuring that the financial performance of the Group together with all the Group’s risks are properly measured and reported on. The Committee reviews reports from the Group’s auditors relating to the accounting and internal controls in all cases having due regard to the interests of shareholders.

The Audit Committee meets at least four times a year and otherwise as appropriate and has unrestricted access to the Group’s auditors. Due to the size and complexity of the Group, the Audit & Risk Committee does not currently consider there is need for a separate internal audit function. The Chairman of the Audit Committee is Andrew Willetts.

Appointments Committee

The primary responsibility of the Appointments Committee is to approve proposals for senior appointments to the Company. The Appointments Committee seeks to identify the skills and experience required for the next stage in the Company’s development. The Committee would support the Chairman in taking the steps to remove any underperforming executive or Non-executive Director. The Appointments Committee meets as required. The Chairman of the Appointments Committee is Christopher Lyons.

Remuneration Committee

The primary responsibility of the Remuneration Committee is to review the performance of the Directors and determine the terms and conditions of service of senior management and any director appointed to the Board, including the remuneration of and any grant of options to such person. Remuneration arrangements are designed to motivate the right behaviours and to align with and support the implementation of Company strategy and effective risk management for the long term. The Remuneration Committee meets at least once a year and otherwise as appropriate. The Chairman of the Remuneration Committee is Stephen Minion.

The Directors will comply with Rule 21 of the AIM Rules and Rule 71 of the NEX Exchange Rules for Issuers relating to directors’ dealings and will take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance by those of the Company’s employees to whom the AIM Rules and NEX Exchange Rules for Issuers apply. The Company operates a share dealing code for directors and employees in accordance with the AIM Rules and NEX Exchange Rules for Issuers.


Nominated adviser,
Corporate adviser and broker

WH Ireland Limited
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Lloyds Banking Group
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Addleshaw Goddard LLP
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Grant Thornton LLP
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Link Market Services Limited
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Constitutional Documents

26th January 2016 - Application for Admission to ISDX
1st October 2009 - Articles of Association
7th August 2008 - Memorandum of Association
11th June 2008 - Ashley House plc circular
12th January 2007 - Admission to trading on AIM